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About Barnyard Honey

The Barnyard property has been enhanced to promote the health and food supply for honey bees and other native pollinators. A variety of flowering plants that bloom throughout the growing season have been established to provide the nectar required to nourish our bees. 

Flower nectar is collected by bees and stored in honeycombs within a number of hives at Barnyard farm. All the honey we produce is pure & unprocessed, we cold strain it through fine strainers to remove visible solids only, it is not heated or filtered in any other way. 100% RAW & REAL honey is extracted in season and can be purchased from our shop for your enjoyment.

Honey Store & Tastings

At our Honey Store we offer 7 + varieties of locally harvested honey for free tasting everyday. Working with Western Australian only independent beekeepers to deliver varietal honeys means a constantly evolving product line. We collect and bottle pure & unprocessed honey which can be purchased from our store for your enjoyment.

Honey Bees Farm

We migrate honeybees to different sites as the season passes to catch the different floral blooms. Also you can see live honeybees at work as we have more than 5 hives actively operating here at the Barnyard site. We try to catch the nectar flows from the coastal wildflower blooms and from the Eucalyptus on the Darling Scarp from Bindoon to Pemberton. 

Limited Edition Honey

Honey flavours from our local native flora change year to year. They will all vary a little bit even the same variety from different areas. Rainfall plays a big part with stronger flavoured honey being produced in drier years. Bees will often forage from a wide area and if more than one species of flora is available this will create a natural blend of flavour called Forest Harvest…